Paying Attention?

Your “Attention” is your most precious resource. What we Focus on grows.

Why do we call it “Paying Attention”

Our Attention is arguably our most precious, “non-renewable” resource, Sure, we have dominion but how do we choose to steward this non-tangible thing? Sure there’s more where that came from, but like “Time” we don’t get it back once we’ve spent it. And like food for our bodies or a fuel for a finely tuned vehicle the level of performance we get is a direct result of the quality of fuel we put in.

Mindfully stewarding our attention allows us to focus and choose the impressions we want to shape our experience. It’s like choosing junk food or high quality, fresh ingredients which do you want to shape your life?
This level of intentionality frees up energy and makes it easier to choose what and where we “invest” this precious resource which of course effects the results we create.
When I learned to ride a motorcycle I was taught to

“Look through the curve”

When you’re going around a bend. Our natural tendency is often to look at the ground…guess where you end up when you are looking at the ground?
That’s right, we go where we are looking, in this case down. (Please be super careful if you must try for yourself).

Like learning to meditate or any new skill, expect this to take practice and be a “work in progress”. I find it to be “Work worth doing”.
If you’re willing to experiment with this we would love to hear about your observations and discoveries.
Here are some ideas to play with like “vision boards” we go where our attention leads, bringing our focus into reality…Affirmations, we believe what we tell ourselves with conviction. Also notice your energy level when we “park” our attention on hold with things like games on the phone (not saying they’re bad).
On the other side of things ever have bad dreams or trouble sleeping after watching something scary or violent before bedtime? Play around with this for yourself.

You’re invited to join the conversation. Share your observations, insights or questions we would love to hear about your discoveries in the comments below.
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